Spotlight Program

Everyone loves a talent show. The only thing more fun than watching one is participating. The feeling one gets when the audience applauds is one of validation for one’s efforts and provides a sense of elation found nowhere else. Of course, one of the challenges is finding an act that one can do.

Whatever your age, start with what you can already do. Do you dance, sing, tell jokes? Make a list of anything you do that someone might say of you, “My, you are so talented?” Then build an act around that talent. We have included some ideas for you to make your talent show act shine.

Even if your list might include some things you do not think would lend themselves to an “act,” we have ideas on how any talent can be displayed with a bit of Creativity and Originality.

Begin by assessing your abilities. Then create a memorable talent show act:

Rules For Spotlight talent Show Participation :

  1. One Entry Per Performer.

  2. A five-minute act of standard Performance Time Limit.

  3. Safe and Family-Friendly.

  4. Acts Provide Their Own Props.

  5. Performers Must Attend a Rehearsal & Audition. 

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